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About Drafting Zone

Drafting Zone is a leading source of mechanical drafting standards information. The website was established in 2001 as the on-line source for one of the most popular mechanical drafting standards references ever: Genium's Modern Drafting Practices & Standards Manual. The Modern Drafting Practices & Standards Manual is used by over 18,000 organizations around the world to save time, reduce costs, improve the quality of finished products, and communicate more effectively with engineers and customers.

In addition, Drafting Zone includes useful features such as Drafting and Design Tips & Tools that help you do your job more effectively and Geometric Dimensioning Study Guides and Practice Exams to help understand ASME's Y14.5 standard and prepare you to take the ASME GDTP Certification Exam, Technologist Level.

The Drafting Zone website is published by Genium Group, Inc., which was established in 1984 when it was spun-off from the General Electric Company. During the past two decades, Genium has established a worldwide reputation as a publisher of information products that help make the workplace safer, smarter, and more professional. Genium's roots as a GE business provide our company and products with a solid foundation of engineering expertise.

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