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Would you like to be a contributer to the Drafting Zone?

Drafting Zone can be the technical platform you need to realize additional benefits from your drafting and design expertise. You no longer have to write a 500 page book to be a successful and respected drafting and design author and earn additional income. Genium Group, Inc., developer of the Drafting Zone website, is now actively seeking engineering and drafting professionals to contribute to this new site. This is an opportunity for you to earn additional income, gain some positive publicity, and share your expertise with a worldwide community.

Who is Genium Group?
Genium used to be part of the General Electric Company. In 1984 it spun off to become an independent publisher of technical information, specializing in mechanical, chemical and environmental engineering.

What type of writing opportunities are available?
Drafting Zone publishes Reference Guides that help users better understand the drawing standardization topics. Each Reference Guide generally explains a standard or a portion of standard in great detail along with graphics.

How will I get recognition for what I write?
There are several benefits associated with being the author of a Reference Guide published at Drafting Zone. These include: Honorarium - Authors receive this payment as soon as their Reference Guide has been approved for publication by Drafting Zone's Technical Director, Gary Whitmire.

Publicity - The name and bio of each Reference Guide Author is posted at the site and in the hard-copy version of the material mailed to subscribers. In addition, Genium will feature the authors credentials and qualifications in the marketing material used to promote the site that will be seen by thousands of individuals and organizations.

Ancillary sales of other books you have authored - If you have addressed the same or similar topic in another publication, Genium would be willing to feature that publication for sale at the website and within the direct mail promotions we distribute to thousands of engineering professionals.

By what date does the work need to be completed?
Since the website follows a monthly editorial schedule, there are opportunities for you to produce Reference Guides for publication in both the near- and long-term future.

How do I get started?
Contact Erik Roy (roye@genium.com) and let him know you'd like to be considered and what drafting issue of importance that you would like to write about. Erik will also ask you to provide some background information on yourself.
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