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blue_circleDrafting Manual Updates
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This page contains the most recent full updates and any available partial updates to Genium's Modern Drafting Practices and Standards Manual.

orange_circleUpdate 78 — 2008-06

Section Type
10.1 Resource Locked Revision of Engineering Drawings Revision

orange_circleUpdate 77 — 2007-12

Section Type
6.5 Resource Locked Position, Concentricity and Symmetry Revision
6.6 Resource Locked Form, Orientation, Profile and Runout Revision

orange_circleUpdate 76 — 2007-06

Section Type
  Resource Locked Index New
1.4.8 Resource Locked ASME Y14.100 Drawing Requirements New
6.1 Resource Locked Symbols Update
2.1 Resource Locked Drawings - Purpose and Classification Revision
6.5.1 Resource Locked Verifying Dimensional Requirements Revision
6.7 Resource Locked Decimal Inch System Revision
6.10 Resource Locked Dimensioning For Numerical Control Revision

orange_circleUpdate 75 — 2006-12

Updated two of the symbols sections and continued with the reorganization and revisions to Chapter 6 GD&T.
Section Type
14.13 Resource Locked Gears - Symbols For Geometrical Data Update
14.15 Resource Locked Heat and Thermodynamics Letter Symbols Update
6.0 Resource Locked GD&T Introduction and Glossary pp 80-115 Revision
6.2 Resource Locked General Dimension Application Revision
6.2.1 Resource Locked Metric Dimensioning Revision
6.2.2 Resource Locked GD&T Rules Revision
6.3 Resource Locked General Tolerancing Revision
6.4 Resource Locked Datums Revision
6.5.2 Resource Locked Advantages of Positional Tolerancing Revision
6.5.3 Resource Locked Formulas for Positional Tolerancing Revision
6.5.4 Resource Locked Certification as a GD&T Professional Revision

orange_circleUpdate 74 — 2006-06

Based on a revision to ASME Y14.100, sections 1.4.0, 1.4.1, and 1.4.2 are being revised. Section 3.2, Metric Sheet Size and Format, is being revised to cover the requirements in ASME Y14.1M. Chapter 6, the GD&T chapter, is being reorganized and revised to make it more user-friendly. Several revised sections are being issued in this Update.
Section Type
1.4.0 Resource Locked Introduction to Government/DoD/Commercial Drafting Requirements New
1.4.1 Resource Locked Government/DoD Engineering Drawing Practices, Commercial Update
1.4.2 Resource Locked Government/DoD Engineering Drawing Practices, Non-commercial Update
3.2 Resource Locked Metric Sheet Size and Format Update
6.0 Resource Locked Introduction and Glossary Revision
6.1 Resource Locked Symbols Revision
6.7 p1 Resource Locked Decimal Inch System Revision
6.8 Resource Locked Dual Dimensioning Revision
6.9 Resource Locked Inch/Metric Conversion Revision
21.11 p7 Resource Locked Graphics Data Exchange Revision

orange_circleUpdate 73 — 2005-12

This update includes one new section and revisions to three existing sections. The new section 3.0 - DoD Engineering Drawing Format is based on ASME Y14.1 with emphasis on DoD requirements and in accordance with Acquisition Reform policy memo 98-2.
Section Type
1.0 Resource Locked Fundamentals of the Drafting Document System Update
3.0 Resource Locked DoD Engineering Drawing Format New
3.1 Resource Locked Decimal Inch Sheet Size and Format Update
14.1.4 Resource Locked Standard Welding Terms and Definitions Revision

orange_circleUpdate 72 - 06/2005

This update introduces a completely new glossary to the Drafting Manual. The glossary contains the significant GD&T terms and definitions, along with an application drawing (if appropriate).
Section Type
6 Resource Locked GD&T Glossary New

orange_circleUpdate 71 - 10/2004

This update includes two new sections and revisions to five of the existing sections.
Section Type
1.1-2 Resource Locked Contents / Latest Issue List Update
1.4.6 Resource Locked Application Data for Government / DoD Engineering Drawing Practices New
1.4.7 Resource Locked Technical Data Package for Government / DoD Engineering Drawing Practices New
4.4 Resource Locked Specifying Materials, Finishes and Processes Update
4.8 Resource Locked Drawing Titles Update
4.11 Resource Locked Forging Practices Update
4.12 Resource Locked Die Forging Design Considerations Update
7.0 Resource Locked Notes on Drawings Update

orange_circleUpdate 70 - 3/2004

This update includes one new section and revisions to three existing sections. The new section 6.11, is based on ANSI Y14.41-2003, GD&T for 3D CAD Systems. It defines and explains 65 key terms by using 41 drawings. GD&T is important for all drafters. Those working with 3D CAD systems will need to understand the special factors and nuances addressed in Y14.41.

Section Type
1.1-2 Resource Locked Contents / Latest Issue List (Update 71) Update
6.11 Resource Locked GD&T for 3D CAD Design New
6.10 Resource Locked Dimensioning for Numerical Control Update
14.17 Resource Locked Symbols for Semiconductor Devices Update
22.1 Resource Locked Springs Update

orange_circleUpdate 69 - 8/2003

This update covers nearly 380 pages of the Drafting Manual. Topics such as Abbreviations, Gear Drafting Practices, and Reference Designations for Electrical and Electronic Parts have been updated. Due to the large number of abbreviations presented in Section 13.1, we have separated it from the main Update #69 document. It is included in the individual sections download.

Section Type
1.1-2 Resource Locked Contents / Latest Issue List (Update 70) Update
4.9.0 Resource Locked Gears (Spur, Helical, Double Helical and Rack) Drafting Practice Update
4.9.1 Resource Locked Gears (Bevel and Hypoid) Drafting Practice Update
4.9.2 Resource Locked Gears (Crossed Helical, Worm, Spiroid and Helicon) Drafting Practice Update
9.4 Resource Locked Reference Designations for Electrical and Electronics Parts and Equipment Update
13.1 Resource Locked Abbreviations for Use on Drawings and Technical Documentation Update

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