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David A. Madsen
David A. Madsen

David Madsen is Faculty Emeritus and past chair of the Drafting Technology Department of Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, Oregon. In addition to Prof. Madsen's expertise gained from 30 years as a teacher, he has applied his knowledge of drafting throughout his career by producing drawings for a variety of manufacturing firms and as an independent residential home designer. David Madsen is a past member of the board of directors of the American Design Drafting Association.

As an author for Goodheart-Wilcox, Prentice Hall, and Delmar Publishing, Mr. Madsen has written some of the best-known texts on many aspects of AutoCAD, Civil, Architectural, Engineering drafting, print reading, and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Professor Madsen has recently published a new edition of one of his most respected titles Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing from which question concepts and illustrations have been inspired for use in the Drafting Zone GD&T Exams. This text workbook is designed for use as the main textbook in many college GD&T courses. In fact, the Drafting Zone's on-line exams are designed to augment and test the information contained within this fundamental text.

The Drafting Zone's GD&T Exams are designed to teach, test, and solidify users' knowledge of key GD&T topics. The interactive exams found at the Drafting Zone are served by a database containing hundreds of GD&T Study Questions written by Professor Madsen. Each question is written in a multiple-choice format and includes a reader friendly explanation of the correct answer. Clear and concise symbols are incorporated into most of the questions and were drawn by the technical director of Genium's Drafting Manual, Mr. Gary Whitmire. ASME endorses DraftingZone's unique testing mechanism as an excellent tool to use to study for ASME's GDPT Exam.

Here is a list of publications authored by Mr. Madsen:

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