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Gary Whitmire

Mr. Whitmire is nationally and internationally recognized as an authority on the application and interpretation of ANSI, ASME, and ISO standards. He offers over 40 years of engineering, manufacturing, and inspection experience. He has worked as a Product Designer, Gage Designer, Configuration Manager and Engineering Services Manager.

Mr. Whitmire is a past member of the ASME Y14 Main Committee (served for 28 years), including Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GDT) and has participated in all the Y14 standards since 1978. He has also served on the Executive Board of the American Design Drafting Association (ADDA). Further, he organized the Northern California Council for the Configuration/Data Management Association.

He developed and teaches training programs for company and university personnel in design, manufacturing, quality control and inspection, with emphasis on applying GDT, inspection, functional gaging, paper gaging, tolerance analysis and industrial drawing reading.

His activities currently include lectures, seminars, design reviews, and providing services as an expert witness and drafting consultant. Mr. Whitmire is author of a number of books, publications, video courses, and reference documents. He is co-author of Global's 1996 Drafting Room Manual and is the technical editor for the Genium Publishing's Modern Drafting Practices and Standards Manual. Mr. Whitmire is responsible for creating technical illustrations for the Drafting Zone web site and for technical oversight of all content.
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