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Welcome to the Guest Room. In this area you will find links to any resources currently available to Drafting Zone Guest Members. Resources that can be accessed by Guest Members change often, so make sure to check back frequently for updates.

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Check out this new Tip for Multiple Max Boundaries for the same Datum

Drafting Practices and Standards Manual
The most comprehensive, up-to-date encyclopedia of mechanical drafting information available anywhere.

  • Search the on-line version of this Manual for your topic or mechanical drawing standard of interest.
  • Browse the Manual's Table of Contents
  • View the Index to see the subjects covered in the Manual.
  • See a list of proposed changes to the Y14.5 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Standard.
  • Every two weeks, Drafting Zone Guest Members get to preview a different featured section of the on-line Manual. Sections currently available for preview:
    6.2 General Dimensioning Application

More Tips, Tools, Advisories, Guides, and Quizzes
Guest Members receive access to selected Tips, Tools, Inspection Guides, Advisories, and Quizes. The currently available featured documents are:

GD&T Study Zone
Interactive resources that help users learn and better understand the key technical concepts of Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing. Drafting Zone Subscribers use these resources to more accurately apply GD&T to their drawings and to prepare for the ASME GD&T Certification Exam. Drafting Zone Guest Members have access to the following:

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