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Drafting Standards and the Genium Drafting Manual

ASME Y14.34M – 1996, Associated Lists

Associated lists are part of the overall system of engineering drawings and related documentation. This system is covered by a set of standards which also includes ASME Y14.100, ASME Y14.24, and ASME Y14.35M. This system is especially important to drafters if your company is doing business with the DoD or other US government entities. Formerly this system of standards was covered by MIL-STD-100, Engineering Drawing Practices.

As part of the drawing, or a separate document, lists are meant to convey engineering requirements for parts or products. With the prevailing use of computer-aided design systems (CAD), lists associated with engineering drawings may also be linked to computerized procurement and inventory systems. Associated lists are a tabulation of relevant engineering information pertaining to an item shown on an engineering drawing or a set of engineering drawings. The types of lists covered in this standard are:

Application List (AL)
application data which is presented in a separate list.
Data List (DL)
a tabulation of all engineering drawings, associated lists, specifications, standards, and essential company documents necessary to meet the technical design disclosure requirements. It does not include reference documents, and subordinate data lists pertaining to the item to which the data list applies.
Indentured Data List (ID)
a list of the documents for a complete system or end item in a top-down (generation tree) indented order.
Index List (IL)
a tabulation of data lists (DL) and subordinate index lists (IL) pertaining to the item to which the index list applies.
Parts List (PL)
a tabulation of all parts and bulk materials, but not materials that support a process such as cleaning solvents.
Wire List (WL)
a list of tabular data and instructions necessary to establish wiring connections.

The basis for Y14.34M was MIL-STD-100, Engineering Drawing Practices. When establishing the standard, the committee evaluated the types of associated lists most frequently used by business, industry, and the government. Once they selected the lists to include in the standard they developed specific examples and wrote the appropriate descriptive text. Technical support was provided via liaison with societies such as the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) [formerly known as the American Defense Preparedness Association (ADPA)], Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), Electronic Industries of America (EIA), and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The original standard was released in 1989. The latest standard is dated 1996 and it was reaffirmed in 2002 without change.

List definitions are structured so as to permit preparation by any suitable method such as manual, CAD, etc. and methods of reproduction are not described. Subsequent input from the DoD user community has shown that additional detail and clarification are frequently needed in order to ensure understanding and proper application of the standard when it is invoked on government contracts.

In addition to being specifically covered in Section 4.5 of Genium’s Drafting Manual, ASME Y14.34M is also covered in the following sections of the Drafting Manual:

1.4 Introduction to Government/Military/Commercial Drafting requirements.
1.4.1 Engineering Drawing Practices, Commercial (not requiring government waivers).
1.4.2 Engineering Drawing Practices, Commercial (requiring government waivers).
1.4.7 DoD Engineering Drawing Practices Technical Data Package (MIL-DTL-31000).
4.2 Drawing Numbers and Part Identification.
5.6 Types and Application of Engineering Drawings.
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